TRV Stock Analyzer is a web-based investment research application intended to provide analysis tools and investment ideas to investors favouring value investing.

In the analyzer, information are shown in various tabs. There are a total of 19 tabs that user can navigate around. It is shown at the bottom of the screen. Each of the tab will give different analysis and information.

A summary of function for each tab is as below:

Tab NameDescription
HomeThe first place to go to key in the company name.
It also contains important information on your subscription details.
F-DashboardFinancial dashboard for quick glance of the company details, ratios and simple statements.
StatementsA deeper look at the full yearly and quarterly income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet with common size analysis and CAGR calculation.
QFS (KLSE)Summary of quarterly statements for KLSE stock.
(The data is updated on the night of the release of the quarterly report by Bursa)
RatioComplete calculation of all commonly used financial ratios.
ChartFinancial statement and ratios presented in interactive chart form.
QualityChecklist on quality based on Sloan Accrual Analysis, Piotroski F Scores and DuPont Analysis.
CompetitorCompare up to 40 competitors side by side.
V-DashboardValuation dashboard for quick glance of the company valuation using valuation models, ratios and valuation based on competitors.
V-DCFDiscounted cash flow valuation model.
V-DDMDividend discount model valuation.
V-AbsPEKatsenelson's absolute PE valuation model.
V-EBITEBIT multiples valuation.
V-BGGBenjamin Graham's growth valuation.
V-EPVEarning power value model.
V-NCAVNet current asset valuation.
Growth RateCalculation of growth rate based on multiple criteria.
Full Stock ListingFull stock listing for KLSE, SGX and HKEX with stock name and ticker.
Change LogsFull change logs for the analyzer.

Next we will look into the details of each tab.