“Competitor” tab is aim to list and store a list of competitors for the stock that you are currently working at. You can save a list of up to 40 competitor / peer companies and the average of the financial ratios will be calculated for comparison. The average figures will also be used in peer valuation in the “V – Dashboard” tab.

The “Competitor” tab is best used along with the “Full Stock Listing” tab.

When you are interested in a particular stock, one of the area that is important is their competitor / peer companies. In this example – we are looking at furniture manufacturer listed in KLSE.
You may go to the “Full Stock Listing” tab and filter the subindustry – Home Furnishings & Fixtures. It will then list all the furniture related companies available in the TRV Stock Analyzer.


From the list, you may select the company that you are interested to look at. For this, we have selected – POHUAT, LIIHEN, HOMERIZ and LATITUD.

Next, we can start loading these company one by one into the analyzer. Once the particular stock is loaded, click on “Add Competitor” in the “Competitor” tab. This will add the financial figures on to the table in that tab. You will need to repeat the process for each stocks.


The average of the financial ratios is also calculated (red box) for the ease of comparison.
The averages will also be used in the “V – Dashboard” tab to value the company based on its peer / competitor.

In this case, LIIHEN is valued at RM 3.077 based on the several financial ratios average from the peers.