In the “Chart” tab we put the financial figures in interactive charts to have better visualization. Chart is a better way to see the performance trends compared to pure numbers.
There are a total of 5 charts in this tab.

1. Income Statement – Revenue, Profit & Margins
The first chart will show you the important figures from the income statement – the top line, bottom line and the margin.

2. Income Statement – Revenue & SG&A
The second chart will examine the growth / decline in revenue vs the operating expenses.

3. Cash Flow Statement – OCF, CAPEX & FCF
The third chart shows the cash flow generation vs Capex spending and the balance in FCF.

4. Balance Sheet – Equity, Cash & Debt
Fourth chart will show the liquidity and debt structure of the company.

5. Financial Ratios – ROE, ROIC & Earning Yield
The fifth chart will show the efficiency via ROE and ROIC and the valuation of the company in term of earning’s yield.