Earning Power Value for GADANG (KLSE:9261)

5 September 2016|

Earnings Power Value (EPV) also known as just Earnings Power is a valuation technique popularized by Bruce Greenwald, an authority on value investing at Columbia University. It is arguably a better way to analyze stocks than Discounted Cash Flow analysis that relies on highly speculative growth assumptions many years into the future. EPV uses a [...]

Benjamin Graham Formula Valuation for GADANG (KLSE:9261)

17 August 2016|

Valuation is an art. Assumptions are needed to perform any type of analysis as the whole topic of stock valuation is forward looking. Throughout these valuation exercises, it’s important to understand that the final stock value will vary based on the assumption of scenarios. Instead of trying to pinpoint one number, the science behind valuing [...]

Discounted Cash Flow Valuation for GADANG (KLSE:9261)

13 August 2016|

You may have found a great company that you feel has outstanding potential but always end up getting stuck at what price you should purchase the company. Finding the value of a stock is a critical part of investing successfully. Valuing stocks is not hard, but it does require logic and practice. One of the [...]