Focus Malaysia Top 40 Undervalued Stocks

26 January 2019|

Focus Malaysia listed the stocks based on 2 major matrices Price-to-book ratio (PB) lower than 1 Return on equity (ROE) higher than 10% Companies use the price-to-book ratio to compare a firm's market to book value by dividing price per share by book value per share (BVPS). An asset's book value is equal to its [...]

Focus Malaysia’s 2018 Top 40 Undervalued Stocks

28 January 2018|

Finding investment ideas on the local stock exchange is no easy. Several parameters and factors need to be considered before any investment call is made. While institutional investors look for steady long-term gains, retail investors usually hunt for stocks that have received little attention despite posting relatively decent profits. Stocks are generally deemed to be [...]

Some of the undervalue share listed in KLSE…

20 August 2016|

On this wonderful weekend I have run some screener and did analysis with TRV Stock Analyzer to list down some of the possibly undervalued share listed in Bursa based on several criteria: 1. EV/EBIT Enterprise value to earnings before interest and tax (EV/EBIT) is a way of deciding whether a share is cheap (a low [...]

Please Keep This in Mind If You Want To Buy Value Stocks…

10 August 2016|

It is not uncommon for investors to want to hunt for value stocks. After all, buying stocks when they are cheap helps stack the odds of success in our favour. But, the hunt for value stocks can become dangerous if investors focus on superficial valuation metrics, like say, the price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio. This is a [...]